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The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies 

Here are a few comments from happy owners:-

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. He's so happy and relaxed and much easier to be around in the stable.

I've never seen her so relaxed and chilled out, in fact I've never seen her head that close to the floor, except when she's eating !!!

He's moving so much better now and I've really noticed an improvement in our schooling sessions and in my lessons. My instructor commented on how much better he was going and I was really chuffed to bits with that.

He’s doing well and I watched him canter off up the hill this morning and his back hooves are still wide apart .

Many thanks for last night. She was cutched up asleep when I went out to do her hay at 9pm.

Thanks so much for the 2 wonderful herbal choices sessions. They are both doing well and I'm offering them the oils each day.  Both seem more content and confident and more relaxed in themselves which is lovely. 

Thank you Sarah for your dedication to your job let's hope we have some positive results. And the next day -  thank you so much xx she has had the best day in a long time.