Snicky has asymmetrical muscle development, swings his right hind out and crosses his front legs over in walk and trot. 

He has had some time off due to laminitis, but has been gradually brought back into work over 12 months and is happily hacking out, but he does experience stiffness and tension throughout his body, poll and jaw and sometimes suffers from anxiety.

During this session, he benefitted from a few essential oils, fascial release, massage, joint mobilisations, stretches and red light therapy. 

Feedback from Gillian (Snicky's human):-

Sarah came out to treat my horse Snicker who had a history of EMS and laminitis and a tendency to be stiff in his hind quarters.
Due to Sarah being able to offer several types of treatment I felt that this was ideal as she could assess which treatment or combination of treatments might be most suitable.

Sarah started off assessing Snicker in walk and trot in order to watch how he moved and then began the session by offering Snicker a selection of oils. It was thoroughly interesting to see which ones he selected and was drawn to. Within minutes Snicker was very relaxed and seemed very content.

Sarah then progressed to some fascial release treatment which made Snicker thoroughly relax and he responded amazingly well. Sarah also decided to do some joint mobilisation towards the end of the session and when Snicker showed a walk and trot up again at the end of the session he was so much straighter than the start of the session. We looked at the before and after video footage of Snickers walk and it was very interesting to see the difference. Initially he was plaiting more in front but was much straighter after his treatment.

I love that Sarah can offer a variety of treatments according to what she thinks would be best for the horse which is quite unique and a lovely experience for the horse too.

Sarah has a very friendly and professional approach in her work and my horse really relaxed with her throughout the session. It was so nice to see my horse really relaxing, enjoying and benefiting from his session. Thank you Sarah