*** Yard Visits ***
discount available for 3+  horses being treated at the same yard on the same day.
It is essential for me to work as part of a team with your vet, physiotherapist and other professionals treating your horse to ensure your horse receives the best possible all round care.  
It is also a legal requirement for me to have veterinary permission to work on your horse and I will arrange this with your vet on your behalf. 


Prices include preparation for the session, travel and preparing a report for your vet afterwards, if required.  

Mileage is included within a 25 mile radius of Whole Horse Therapies (HR9 6JA).

Mileage over and above a 50 mile return journey, may be charged at 40p per mile. 

The full price will be confirmed upon booking.

All the therapies used help to alleviate pain and release tension, which can be the cause of many problems experienced by horse owners, such as:-

  • stiffness on one rein;
  • resistance and reluctance to work in a correct outline;
  • refusing to jump;
  • bucking or rearing;
  • behavioural problems.

I offer two main types of therapy sessions - nose to tail or herbal choices. 

A nose to tail therapy session typically lasts around an hour and a quarter. I begin by assessing your horse's conformation, watching him move, feeling for muscle tone, areas of soreness and asymmetry. 

Several therapies may be used during the session, all individually tailored to suit your horse's needs, including merishia massage, joint mobilisations, stretching, fascial release, myofascial release, reiki, integrated muscle testing, acu-point pressure and Photizo® Light Therapy. 

Saddle fit will also be considered if appropriate. 

If you would prefer to have a single therapy session, e.g. merishia massage session, reiki session, red light therapy session, energy healing session etc, please let me know when booking, thank you.

An Herbal Choices session typically lasts around two and a half hours. Herbal Choices (using the science of Applied Zoopharmacognosy) is the offering of a variety of essential oils, plant and herb extracts to allow your horse to self select the ones he feels are needed. In the wild, horses would naturally forage and select plants to help them self-medicate, they may inhale it, eat it or rub it on their body. A small supply of oils and/or herbs will be left for you to continue to offer to your horse. Taster sessions of up to one hour are also available.

Click here to find out more about Herbal Choices. 

A little bit about the therapies I use...

Merishia Massage is a soft tissue therapy involving massage, stretches and joint mobilisations all of which help to release tension, remove muscle spasms and reduce pain, thereby allowing the horse to move correctly and freely. Although Merishia Massage has its roots in sports massage and McTimoney-Corley chiropractics, there is no manipulation of bones or joints. 

Click here to find out more about Merishia Massage

Photizo® Light Therapy involves the use of different frequencies of therapeutic red light and/or infra-red light to help stimulate the healing process and to ease pain, e.g. at the site of an injury or for post operative care. 

Click here to find out more about Photizo® Light Therapy

Fascial/Myofascial Release is a gentle but extremely effective and non-invasive method of releasing tight tissue around joints and vertebrae, that improves joint and muscle function and is really useful for realigning the pelvis and poll and freeing up shoulder movement.

Click here to find out more about Fascial/Myofascial Release

Reiki is a non invasive method of healing that can help with many issues, both physical and emotional. The energy systems of the body, mind and spirit are harmonised helping them to rebalance the body and mind, replacing negative emotions with positive ones. Reiki can be applied directly onto or over the body of the horse, so is ideal for those horses who may be too sensitive to touch. 

Click here to find out more about Reiki (page coming soon)

Acu-Point Pressure is essentially acupuncture but without the needles! 

Click here to find out more about Acu-Point Pressure (page coming soon)

Integrated Muscle Testing uses Kinesiology techniques to assess the body and locate imbalances.

Click here to find out more about Integrated Muscle Testing (page coming soon)

Animal Communication is also used where appropriate, to help ease any tension or worries in the horse's mind, as it can be a very effective way of finding out if there is any particular area of pain or tension that your horse feels needs to be addressed. 

Click here to find out more about Animal Communication 

Nose to Tail Therapy session
Nose to Tail Therapy session to see 3+ horses on the same yard, during the same visit 
Herbal Choices session (lasts around 2.5 hours. Price includes oils and herbs used during the session as well as a supply of oils and/or herbs left for you to continue to offer to your horse)
Herbal Choices taster session (lasts one hour. Price includes oils and herbs used during the session)
Animal Communication (distance session)