Paddy had a disagreement with a barbed wire fence. The wound was cleaned and stapled by the vet and Wendy used Photizo Light Therapy for 7 days all around the site of the wound and over the top of the wound.

Essential oils and herbs to help with wound healing, pain relief and to reduce inflammation were offered during the initial therapy session and those that were selected were left with the owner to continue to use during the week.

Two weeks later when the staples were removed, the vet was amazed at how quickly the wound had healed and the owner was able to get back on board and ride 2-3 weeks earlier than expected.

Feedback from Wendy (Paddy's human):-

I called Sarah when my beloved cob, Paddy, cut himself while on turnout. It was a nasty cut; a wire cut over a foot long, 1-1.5cm deep and right where my leg aids should be. (And on Paddy, a lot of leg aids are needed!). The vet had been out to clean the cut and Paddy now had 38 staples in his side. Given the location of the injury, I wanted to do everything possible to ensure a full recovery with no lingering soreness. I knew Sarah had been trained in many different therapies so I thought I'd contact her to see if she could help make Paddy more comfortable and speed up his recovery. 

Sarah spent 1.5 hours with Paddy doing a range of therapies. He had fun with the herbal choices and showed that actually he doesn't just eat anything as I'd thought but had a significant 'hunger' for certain tastes. 

But it was the Photizo┬« Light Therapy that Sarah said would be the biggest benefit. I first thought it was all a bit weird but was willing to be open minded given I wanted to do what I could to help this injury heal. I also figured that I know ultrasound works but I don't actually see it do much so maybe this Light Therapy was something similar? It was obvious that Paddy liked it. He calmed and showed lots of signs of contentment. But most noticeably he kind of lifted his back and rounded himself but in a very relaxed way like having a big stretch that pulls every muscle in your back straight.

I loaned the Photizo from Sarah for a week so that I could continue the therapy myself when Paddy was at his most sore. The difference in a week was significant. The wound healed nicely and all sensitivity disappeared. The vet who treated Paddy initially had said that as it was such as nasty injury it would be unlikely that he'd be under saddle for 4-6 weeks, that the would most likely scar, and some sensitivity would probably remain. Two weeks after the drama Paddy had his staples removed. Two days later we were riding. One week on and we were having lessons. It is like the accident never happened.

I don't really understand how the light therapy works but I believe it contributed to this speedy recovery. There is still a slight scar now but it I smaller every week and I think this is due to having treated the wound carefully from the start.

While I had the Photizo I also tried it on my Sec A companion who is a rather aloof chap. Mouse normally hates being handled but he'd walk up to me for his Photizo session and show signs of deep relaxation while I worked on his back. Normally he'd run a mile when handled too much but during this week he just fell asleep during every treatment. As well as the licking, chewing and then snoring, he also rounded his back in that big long stretch the same as Paddy had done. It was nice to be able to give him some time and attention.