Merishia Massage is a soft tissue therapy and does not involve the manipulation of bones or joints.  

Muscle spasms and tightness are often the cause of restricted movement and lack of performance in your horse and can lead to behavioural as well as ridden changes. Massage can release this tightness and tension allowing your horse to move freely again.

I only use long recognised and non-invasive massage techniques designed to work naturally with the horse's own body to encourage healing and to promote good health and enhance performance. Unlike physiotherapy or chiropractics, there is no manipulation involved, just soft tissue release, fascial release, joint mobilisations and stretches. 

A massage can be beneficial before or after competition or hard work, because it can help to reduce the chances of injury beforehand and can help to speed up the healing process if injury has occurred by increasing muscle tone, strength and circulation.

Signs your horse may benefit from a massage include:-

Benefits of massage include:-

  • unexpected change in behaviour, e.g. aggression, lack of  interest; 
  • deterioration in performance;  
  • muscle or joint stiffness,
  • one-sidedness; 
  • reluctance to work, e.g. refusing to jump;
  • unusual bucking or rearing;
  • sensitivity to touch or leg aids;
  • irregular gait or uneven shoe wear;
  • asymmetrical movement or uneven muscle development.
  • achieves relaxation;
  • improves performance;
  • reduces the risk of injury;
  • boosts circulation and releases toxins;
  • relieves muscle tightness and spasm;
  • improves muscle tone;
  • helps maintain healthy joints and muscles;
  • reduces pain;
  • increases mobility and movement, so can be great for older horses. 
Massage can be really beneficial for many horses, from top competition horses to older retired horses, such as this 32 year old ex-international eventer below, as the massage strokes used provide greater freedom of movement and increase mobility.