Fascial Release

Fascia is a thin but very strong and flexible tissue that lies beneath the skin and surrounds and protects every bone, organ, ligament, tendon and other tissue in the body. If you remove the skin from a chicken, fascia is that clear, flexible but strong layer between the skin and the meat. 

Fascial tissue provides cushioning and support thereby allowing the body to move freely and without any restriction or pain. 

Healthy fascia is therefore essential for joint mobility, but if the fascia itself is no longer healthy it can not offer such support and movement can be restricted. 

Poor posture, muscle strains and scar tissue are just some of the factors that can prevent the fascia from doing its job properly. 

By releasing the tension and tightness in the fascial tissue, this allows the body to realign itself, to heal and to relieve pain. 

I use several fascial and myofascial release techniques and the Fascial Edge Tool (designed by human and animal chiropractor Andrew Glaister), to:-

  • assess and release tight tissue;
  • stimulate acu-points;
  • release tension around joints and vertebrae, thereby           improving joint and muscle function.

Fascial release is fabulous for helping to realign the pelvis and poll and free up shoulder movement.