Archie has regular routine maintenance sessions partly due to his age and also because he is increasing his workload coming out of winter in readiness for his first ODE as part of the Willberry Wonder Pony Wobbleberries Challenge.

Feedback from Sue (Archie's human):-

Sarah came to visit my horse Archie. I felt something was not right and wanted to find out if he had any issues with his back and if not he was due a massage. Archie is 21 this year, an ID standing at roughly 16.3. He is high withered and I had felt for some time that his saddle was not a good fit. Sarah looks at horses as a whole entity and I was impressed with how she approached him, asked him to respond to her and the treatment itself. I was left with a very relaxed and happy horse, having had it confirmed it was indeed his saddle that was hurting him and a full report, including an assessment of his movement, sore areas and advice on how to stretch and massage him myself as well as the best exercise to help him become stronger and work through from his back end better. I would highly recommend Sarah and I am looking forward to her next follow up visit.