It is essential for me to work as part of a team with your vet, physiotherapist and other professionals treating your horse to ensure your horse receives the best possible all round care.  
It is also a legal requirement for me to have veterinary permission to work on your horse and I will arrange this with your vet on your behalf. 

Your first appointment will last around 2 hours to enable me to gain a full insight into your horse's history, current routine, previous or current injuries, ridden or behavioural issues and future aims. Follow on appointments last around an hour and a quarter. 

I will assess your horse's conformation, watch him move in walk and trot to analyse any gait issues, feel for muscle tone or stiffness, check for areas of soreness, consider range of motion of any stiff joints, look for general signs of asymmetry and consider saddle fit, if appropriate. 

Several therapies may be used during the session, all individually tailored to suit your horse's needs

A little bit about the therapies I use...

Merishia Massage is a soft tissue therapy involving massage, stretches and joint mobilisations all of which help to release tension, remove muscle spasms and reduce pain, thereby allowing your horse to move correctly and freely. This deep tissue mobilisation approach can be used to release physical and emotional tension, improve performance and aid in rehabilitation.  

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Photizo® Light Therapy involves the use of different frequencies of therapeutic red light and infra-red light to help stimulate the healing process and to ease pain, e.g. at the site of an injury or for post operative care. 

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Fascial/Myofascial Release is a gentle but extremely effective method of releasing tight tissue around joints and vertebrae, thereby improving joint and muscle function. It helps to improve mobility, flexion and performance and to aid emotional releases of tension. 

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Reiki is a non invasive method of healing that can help horses to release emotions and stress held over from a traumatic event or an  upsetting memory. It also rebalances  and harmonizes the energy systems of the body, mind and spirit. 

Acu-Point Pressure is essentially acupuncture but without the needles and can help with releasing muscle spasms, boosting the immune and digestive systems and aiding general well-being.

Communication can help ease tension or worries in your horse's mind and is a good way of finding out if there is anything that your horse feels needs to be addressed. 

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First Appointment 
Nose to Tail Therapy follow up session (up to 20 miles)    
Nose to Tail Therapy follow up session (within 20 - 30 miles) 
Nose to Tail Therapy initial or follow up session (30+ miles)

Please note that travel is free within a 20 mile radius and that prices are based on mileage from my home in Goodrich, Herefordshire.