To book a session, please pay using the Buy Now button below and type your email address into the comments box or send me an email so that I can get in touch with you to discuss what it is you hope to find out or any issues you wish to address.

Telepathic communication can be a great way to find out how your horse is feeling and to pin point any areas of pain or reasons for behavioural issues. This can be done from a distance or whilst physically present with the horse. 

A full animal communication session, where I work from home and am not physically present can be very effective as I am able to delve deeper and some horses feel more relaxed as they prefer to chat in their own time or at a distance rather than face to face, so to speak and so don't feel put "on the spot". 

Just as with people, there are no guarantees that the horse will want to talk or that he or she may give clear information. It may be that it takes more than one session to get to the nub of the problem or it could be instant. As with many things in life - timing is everything!!!  I will never knowingly give false information or hope. In some situations a horse may simply not want to communicate or be helped, in which case no charge for the session will be made.

Sometimes interpreting the information given can be quite a challenge and so it may take time to try and get more accurate information. This is where owners can be of great help by offering feedback. An example of this is when a fellow animal communicator was given the following information from a dog - "man", "stick", "pain" and "no more". What would your first thoughts be? Could it be the dog was being hit or that it was in pain chasing sticks out on a walk? The answer - the man was the husband of the client and he had been feeding the dog a treat stick every day and this was giving the dog abdominal pain. 

A communication session using a photograph and working from a distance is priced at £20. After the session, I will email  you a short report outlining the information given to me by your horse.