Why choose Whole Horse Therapies?

WHT offers a unique approach using a variety of physical and energy based techniques to assess and work with the horse as a whole, rather than just working on the obvious problem area(s).

With my knowledge and experience of horse care, behaviour and psychology I am able to:-
  • create a calming and harmonious relationship with each horse;
  • understand and care about the overall well-being of the horse; and 
  • recognise signs of physical, emotional or psychological discomfort and identify how best to help try and alleviate them. 

I am patient and understanding and will not rush your horse but will give him or her time to adjust, if needed, during the therapy session. With over 10 years of experience of using natural horsemanship methods on my own horses, I have definitely had plenty of practice at being patient  - timing is everything !! My horse Quazi has gone from a head shy horse who could not be tied up, didn't like water and could not be tacked up outside to an amazing horse who takes just about everything in his stride and now has a calming and nurturing influence on other horses.
I qualified as a Merishia Massage Therapist in April 2016 and having successfully completed many other courses beforehand and since, I am able to offer a wide variety of therapies and techniques to help your horse as best I can. 

Quazi (my ex-racehorse) and I have been together for around 10 years. In the early years, we enjoyed a typical "horsey life" hacking out, doing dressage, jumping and fun rides, but we now enjoy a quieter pace of life longlining, doing horse agility and hacking out.

Due to the conformation of Quazi's back (he has a deep sway back), I have always been interested in finding ways to help keep him comfortable, including looking at rug, numnah and saddle fit. Following a series of hoof and tendon injuries in 2011 and 2012, which affected his movement and therefore his back and then a deep muscle injury to Quazi's back in late 2014 I looked into several types of complementary therapies to help him and this is how my interest in horse therapy came about.

I also live with Jack (another ex-racehorse) and Millie, a black Labrador.

My passion now is to help other horses as well as my own and I feel that it is important to look at the horse as a whole rather than just working on the obvious problem, as personal experience has shown this to achieve greater and longer lasting results. By looking at how the horse moves, its environment and lifestyle I have found that this can help to identify and address the cause of many problems, making it easier to prevent them reoccurring.

My mission is to help release horses and ponies from pain and tension so they can move freely in body, mind and spirit.