Whole Horse Therapies offers a range of physical, holistic and complimentary therapies for your horse or pony to support and promote their overall well-being, so that they can feel relaxed, happy and able to enjoy life to the full. 

All of the therapies used are suitable for any horse from a retired companion or a happy hacker to a top level competition horse and are aimed at helping the horses and ponies I meet to be the best they can be, in terms of performance, freedom of movement, straightness and mental and emotional  well-being.

My aim is to leave your horse feeling happy and relaxed after a therapy session and to provide both you and your horse with a high level of service and care.

Available therapies include:-
  • Merishia Massage - an effective combination of massage, joint mobilisations and stretches to reduce            tension and muscle spasms, increase freedom and range of movement and encourage straightness            and correct posture; 

  • Myofascial release - great for releasing areas of fascial tissue tightness or muscular tension and                  realigning the neck vertebrae and pelvis ;

  • Photo/Red Light Therapy using differing frequencies of red and infrared light to help with injury                      prevention, increased performance and wound/injury or post-operative healing;

  • Kinesiology muscle testing techniques to help find any niggly areas of soreness that are not always              visible with the naked eye;

  • Reiki and Acu-Point Pressure (acu-pressure without the needles!);

  • Herbal Choices - the science of applied zoopharmacognosy - offering a selection of essential oils and          herbs to help your horse self-medicate; and 

  • Animal Communication.

I am proud to work alongside the dedicated team at SWHP (near Monmouth), providing regular therapy sessions for some of their rescue horses and ponies.