Does your horse experience any physical, emotional or behavioural issues?

These may include (but are not limited to) stiffness on one rein, refusing to jump, rearing, asymmetrical movement, uneven muscle development, muscle or joint stiffness, reluctance to work or handling issues.  

If so, then I offer a unique "whole horse" approach, with therapy sessions individually tailored to meet your horse's emotional and physical needs. 

My aim is to support and promote overall well-being, so that your horse can feel relaxed, happy and able to enjoy life to the full.

As a qualified Merishia Massage Therapist, massage forms the basis of my sessions. Merishia Massage incorporates applied behaviour with Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, fascial release, stretches and mobilisation approaches for the neck, back and limbs. This top to toe approach allows me to work with each horse applying the most effective combination of techniques, as well as providing a maintenance care plan for you to continue to help your horse inbetween sessions. I often use red/infrared light therapy during the session too, as this has been proven to be extremely effective in accelerating natural healing of the the body and in relieving pain and inflammation.

A range of complementary therapies is also available, including, Reiki, Acupoint Pressure, Telepathic Communication and Herbal Choices (using a behaviour led self-selection process with essential oils and herbs). 

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I am proud to work alongside the dedicated team at SWHP (Monmouth), providing regular therapy sessions for some of their rescued horses and ponies.