Whole Horse Therapies was set up by Sarah to focus on providing a range of holistic therapies suitable for any horse or pony, from a retired companion or a happy hacker to a top level competition horse. 

Sarah treats the whole horse using either just one or several different therapies depending on that horse's individual needs. All of the methods used help to alleviate pain and release tension.  

With a variety of therapies available, Sarah is sure that she will be able to offer some help and comfort for your horse, whether physical, emotional or psychological. 

Pain and tension can be the underlying cause of many common problems experienced by horse owners, such as:-

  • stiffness on one rein;
  • resistance and reluctance to work in a correct outline;
  • refusing to jump;
  • bucking or rearing;
  • behavioural problems

Getting rid of tension and pain throughout the whole body, will help the muscles, bones and other structures to be properly aligned and so your horse will be able to move and perform better - giving him or her increased freedom of movement. This relaxation of the body will also help to relax the mind and to alleviate any worries or behavioural issues. Sarah also uses animal communication, where appropriate, to help ease any tension or worries in the horse's mind, as she finds this can help make holistic therapy for horses more effective.

Sarah is proud to work alongside the dedicated team at SWHP (Monmouth), providing  regular therapy sessions for some of their rescue horses and ponies . 

Are you going to Monmouth Show?

If so, please come and say hello and enter the prize draw (in aid of SWHP) to win a free therapy session for your horse.

You can find the stand on 7th Avenue behind the Main Ring Collecting Ring.

Sarah's aim is to leave your horse feeling happy and relaxed after a therapy session and to provide both you and your horse with a high level of service and care.